The Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund


Started by the two Sheriffs of the City of London, the Fund remains wonderfully supported by them.  Every year the new Sheriffs and their consorts initiate and run a fund-raising event: in 2015, dressed in animal onesies, they rode a tandem round several Livery Halls.  In 2016 they mounted horses for a similar ride (an act of bravery by Sheriff Dr Christine Rigden, who had not ridden a horse before).  In 2017 the current Sheriffs will host a star-studded evening (see Future events, below).

The Recorder of London, His Honour Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, is a vital link between the Fund and the Old Bailey, where he is the Senior Circuit Judge.  He is a great supporter of the Fund’s activities, for example acting as host at breakfasts where guests are introduced to the Fund.  Charles Henty, Under-Sheriff & Secondary of London, who runs the Old Bailey, regularly raises money for the Fund by conducting engrossing tours of the legendary building.

Tandem rides, horse rides, breakfasts, receptions, tours, concerts, sheep drives, book launches, sponsored runs, theatrical shows, debates, fashion shows, children’s parties, wine tastings – events galore – are all dreamed up and organised by people who believe 100% in the value and efficacy of the Fund’s work.


sheriffs and recordersAbove Left: The two City Sheriffs, Dr Christine Rigden and Alderman Charles Bowman, on their sponsored ride round the City in aid of the Fund. Right: The Recorder of London, His Honour Judge Nicholas Hilliard QC

sheriffs and recorders
Above Left: Martyn Chase, Master Needlemaker (on the left), organised a reception in aid of the Fund, which was attended by the Duke of Gloucester (centre). Middle: The Duchess of Gloucester and guests at the reception in the sensational new Rothschilds building. Right: A beneficiary of the Fund spoke about his experience, and later talked to the Duchess of Gloucester.

sheriffs and recorders
Above Left: Scene from Even More Trial and Error held at Central Criminal Court, March 2016, in aid of S & R Fund, with Advisory Council members Lady Clarke and HH Judge Peter Rook. Right: Sheep Drive over London Bridge in aid of S & R Fund, September 2016